Books I'm looking for:

Note:Book ID-Print Edition Name
7001 is Shadowrun 3rd Ed, 7100 is Shadowrun 1st Ed, 7901 is Shadowrun 2nd Ed, 10660 is Shadowrun 3rd Ed FanPro, 26000 is Shadowrun 4th Ed.
The blank ones are likely just holes in the sequence vs an actual missing book.

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Books for sale or trade

  • 7105 - Paranormal Animals of North America
  • 7109 - Shadowbeat
  • 7204 - Germany Sourcebook
  • 7208 - The Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life
  • 7211 - Tir na nOg
  • 7219 - Target: Matrix
  • 7219 - Target: Matrix
  • 7325 - Missions
  • 7330 - Corporate Punishment
  • 7903 - The Grimoire
  • 7904 - Virtual Realities 2.0
  • 7909 - Matrix
  • 10657 - New Seattle
  • 10664 - State of the Art: 2063

Help for novice GM's

Version: 3.1
GIT d- s+: a+ C++++ US++++$ UL++++$ UB++++ UH++++$ P++ L++ E--- W+++ N+++ K w++ O M+ V PS+ PE Y+ PGP++ t+ 5+ X+ R+++ tv b+++ DI++++ D++ G+++ e h--(++) r+++ y+

Version: 0.22
SRGC SR1+ SR2++ SR3+++ SR4+++ h+ b+++ B835+/700+ UB++ ?IE RN-- DMP W+ dk++ gm++ P

It's hard to say that 4th Edition is The Ultimate Shadowrun rules but they do work and that's what I'm running now.

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